Feeling the Olympic Energy

Monday afternoon we headed over to the Big Smoke to watch Milt carry the Olympic flame. It was incredible to see so many people gathered at the Tyee Plaza for this once in a life time event. Despite the cold and the light rain, the energy was spectacular. Peter Judge from the Canadian Freestyle team passed the flame to Milt while the Campbell River fire department brought out all their trucks, turned on the lights and hoisted a Canadian flag over the street. The 350 meter dash turned into a walk as the relay was early. This gave us lots of time to take photos and for Milt to wave at his fans. It was then time for Milt to pass the flame to Steve Nagle who we all then followed into the Tyee Plaza where the whole community was waiting.

The weekend cheering squad was Fei, Sarah, Liz, Jane & Icy Wong, Judi & Dave Korbin and Nicole, Lauren, Austin Chang. A special thanks to the Changs on their 4th visit to Taku since July, they drove up for one night and stayed late until the caldron was lit. Of course the event was followed by a great party with fresh Black Pearl oysters and mussels from Troy. A special thanks to Heather Owen with RBC for giving us this once in a life time opportunity and for taking Rudy out for a run.

11 Responses to “Feeling the Olympic Energy”

  1. Big congrats! Uncle Milt is a natural with the torch.

    Go team Wong!

    Also, Loving the mittens on everyone in the pictures!

  2. Heather says:

    Love it! Milton you were the best Torchbearer … with a sensational cheering squad! You should share the story and these photos with other torchbearers and relay fans on the Facebook page “RBC From the Relay”. See you soon. HLO

    PS kisses to Rudy!

  3. STARLai says:

    That must have been AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    Wow! What fun to be at the heart of the Olympic Spirit! Selina

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    Milton, I am so sorry I wasn’t there to cheer you on but thought about you and cheered you on in spirit while here in Tucson with Wendy Armstrong who also wished she could have witnessed it. You had a great cheering section.

  5. Emily soon says:

    Okay, so maybe not so much as a “dash” as a stroll…typical Wongs, chatting and getting photos taken along the way! Looked like a great night, glad it was all caught on tape! Congrats Mr. Wong!

  6. Michael and Gwennie says:

    Congratulations, Uncle Milton! A proud moment. Who is your running shoe sponsor?

  7. Bill & Zoe Wong says:

    Milton looks great from head to toe. The pants look great – just the perfect length! Your smile outshines the torch! Bill and Zoe

  8. may nov6/o9 says:

    congratulations Milton! You did us proud–whether stroll or DASH–(you always provide the latter) Wish I could have witnessed this event and cheered you on!!

  9. Larsons says:

    Congratulations Uncle Milton! It’s amazing the torch didn’t slip out of your hands with those big fuzzy mittons- Hope you enjoyed the moment1

    Larson family

  10. Jennie & Corey Backman says:

    What a great experience that must have been!
    Great to see photos of you and Fei. Hope you’re both well, all the best,
    Jennie & Corey.

  11. Matthew says:

    Gung Gung – we can’t wait to have fun at the Olympics with you and Poopo. See you soon! Matthew