Springing into Spring & Summer !!

If you’ve been bearish in the last little while – hibernating over the winter in hopes of avoiding snow, sleet, and rain – now may be the right time to wipe those sleepy eyes, take a big ol’ stretch, and start planning for the warmer months ahead.

And though easy enough to plan for the summer (think kayaking around the Breton Islands, fishing off Sonora, hiking around Morte Lake, and relaxing by a fire under the stars), April and May offers an opportunity to get a head start on the fun!

And when thinking about what to do, consider the following:

April is the last month before September to pick your own clams and mussels, according to the old saying that shellfish are best in months containing an “r”. And nothing goes better with fresh seafood than chocolate – or maybe that’s just me. But with Easter (April 24 weekend) also in April, why not!

May is jam packed with special days (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May):
. May Day (UK)
. Cinquo De Mayo (Mexico)
. Mothers Day
. Victoria Day (Canada)
. Memorial Day (USA)

So regardless of what you have on your calendar, we hope you are as excited about the coming months as we are. Hope to see you soon!

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