Spring Newsletter 2012

We are welcoming the Spring time with arms outstretched and eagerly awaiting the summer fun. The winter time is a different type of busy than summer time but trust me, we were busy.

Now that it’s Spring, Taku has a stream of groups coming in. In the next month we have the SuperChefs putting on another amazing weekend camp. This time, the camp is taking a group of children from the northern coastal BC aboriginal communities and teaching them about healthy food and how to make it. The other returning groups are the Cowichan Outdoor Club, the Nanaimo Tuesday Hikers and the Ripple Rock Power Squadron.

We’ve also had our first wedding of the season last weekend. Congratulations to Mike and Kelly!

The summer bookings are starting to fill up so be sure to contact us soon to make sure you get the dates you want. We look forward to having everyone back and can’t wait to see what wonderful times come ahead.

Stormy Events

At the end of March, the resort was hit very hard from a south easterly wind storm. By far the strongest winds we have seen, clocked at 130km/hr. The Tree House Suite and the whole Terrace building were spared by the three 100ft firs that fell. Lynden was monitoring the scene over the two days and saw the root systems of these enormous trees lifting out of the ground. He evacuated all the buildings and all valuables from the office.
One of the trees narrowly skimmed the roof and fell right in front of the office. We lost power and phones for five days as the three fallen trees had taken down many power lines. In the light of the blue skies and sun the next day, you could see the carnage left behind from the storm. The dock was broken in four pieces and one finger drifted to Open Bay. Three more trees had to be taken down as their trunks were split and the ground was lifting underneath. After finally getting the resort cleaned up and back-up and running, Lynden had a very well deserved holiday in Mexico.

Gourmet Culinary Courses

The next set of courses has just been announced. Two courses are being offered on July 6th and 12th. Learn the basics of chopping an onion to gourmet desserts with sugar work. These three day courses offer hands on teaching methods where students create delicious gourmet meals. Chef Benedict and Chef Maynard have returned to Taku all the way from their Walnut Grove Cookery in France. Further details are listed on our website. Deadline to sign up is May 18th, 2012.
Find out more information here.

Farewell Milt

On December 31st 2011, the creator of our wonderful resort Milton Wong passed away. In 1983, he brought the family and a few friends to look at possibly buying the property and he fell in love. It’s hard to say if it was the natural beauty of the trees or the large kitchen that drew him most. He said that the resort and his new home were his most proud creative achievements.

He was always so welcoming to everyone that came to the resort and he made many wonderful friends during his evening walks greeting everyone with his big smile. We miss him dearly and are dedicated to keeping the resort to his vision of giving family and friends a place to go where they could have adventures, laughter and good food together.

There will be a celebration of life here in honour of Milt this summer. The date has been changed from June 2nd to the summer time. We would be honoured to have you join us. If you are interested in finding out the details once they are finalized, please email us.



Fei, Lynden, Liz, Sue, Rhonda,
and the rest of the Taku Crew

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