Quadra Island Salmon Fishing Experience

Many a wise salmon fisherman (and fisherwoman) speaks of the legendary days of angling in the waters around Quadra Island and off nearby Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Some of the most enormous salmon ever to grace a West Coast fishing boat have been caught near Quadra. For a good long time, the area was known as the “Salmon Capital of the World.”

As in so many places, the fish stocks aren’t hitting quite the same peaks as in the most bountiful days, but careful management of the fisheries keeps much of the fishing glory alive today, and the coastal waters still teem with salmon. We’ll be happy to recommend a charter fishing expedition so you can be sure you’re heading straight out to the best catches.

You can also head out on your own with a big chance of success. Anglers have great luck at Quathiaski Cove, near the dock for the Quadra—Campbell River ferry. There’s also action off Cape Mudge, Copper Bluffs and April Point, and near Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park, which offers a public boat ramp. There’s also wonderful inland freshwater fishing on Quadra at Village Bay, Mine Lake and Main Lake.

Some people load up their fishing gear simply for the love of sport or the prospect of a delicious meal of salmon. Some fishermen also have a deep respect and admiration for the sleek salmon and their BC habitat. Those who are interested can make a free visit in July and August to the Quadra Salmon Eco-Centre to learn more about salmon and salmon watersheds. You can also find information on the best ways to protect salmon for future generations. Kids love the hands-on activities and daily fish feeding.

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