Irv Davies – Mustang Survival Founder

Throughout the years we have always taken marine safety very seriously and depend on Mustang Survival products to keep our families and guests safe. On January 11th 2010, just one day after his 97th birthday, Irv Davies founder of Mustang Survival passed away peacefully in West Vancouver with his family by his side.

With great thanks to Mustang Survival, we have been kept safe during storms and warm while we waited hours for a fish to bite. They have brought people back to the dock safely after a kayak capsized in the harbour and provided us with safe fun times learning how to swim. There were also times of entertainment as we watched Milt try to dislodge a rope from the prop and suddenly the vest inflated as he reached into the water. Well at least we know it works and unfortunately it may not be the last time that will happen to him.

Thank you Irv for having the entrepreneurial spirit to come to Canada and create the first floater coat.

To read about Irv’s legacy go to and click on his photo.

Our thoughts are with the Davies family.

Playing Mustang Survival

Shayna Davies and I cruising in the Whaler to see the seals at the Bretons and playing coast guard. (1996ish?)

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