Why would anyone take a cooking class?

Culinary Courses

 So often cooking becomes a chore. We work all day and then we have to come home and try to throw together something that will appeal to everyone in the house while also meeting our budget, nutritional requirements, and available supplies. Taking a cooking class takes us away from that. It returns us to a place where cooking is fun, courageous and creative.

The Taku Cookery brings us into intimate groups in a gorgeous setting with the most skilled chefs and suddenly food becomes so much more than another thing to check off our daily list. Taking a class at Taku nourishes our minds, our sense of humor as well as our bodies.

The small groups give you immediate access to hands on food preparation. You’ll be cutting, grating, whipping, rolling, and sautéing like a professional in a very short time. You will be exposed to new ingredients, tools and techniques that will re-ignite your passion for good food; suddenly you’ll feel more confident and more adventurous. The kitchen will be filled with the sounds of laughter and chatter of your new friends, and the most wonderful and exotic smells of the finest ingredients available.

Why would anyone take a cooking class? Because after all of that, you get to sit down with your new friends and eat all the delicious creations you learned how to make and someone else does the dishes! Why wouldn’t anyone take a cooking class?

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