Adventure and Learning for Kids

Parents know that travelling with kids can be a mixture of incredible joy with a dose of frustration and anxiety. So many things need to go right to make family trips as relaxing and nourishing as they can be. And most parents won’t be satisfied with a little peace and quiet (although that’s pretty great). It’s also important to them to feel that their children are learning something and building wonderful memories.

Quadra Island is the perfect spot for a family getaway filled with adventure and learning, and Taku Resort & Marina is the ideal place to call home while you’re away.

The greatest thing about a Quadra Island vacation is that the adventure and learning happen at the same time! Every parent is on a quest, especially on vacation, to help their children learn about the world in ways that don’t feel like learning. The best learning is the most fun, the kind where the kids have such a good time they never guess they’re also learning something! Quadra Island is utterly packed with adventurous learning opportunities.

Here are some of our top recommendations:

1] Exploring the plant and animal life, especially marine life. If you’ve ever watched a child observing a shallow pool of starfish for the first time, you’re sure to see the wonder of discovery in their eyes.

2] Snorkelling off Quadra Island’s beaches. Especially for older kids, this is a blissful treat. Strap on the snorkel and slip into a light wetsuit and you’ve bought yourself hours of guaranteed family fun. It’s also a great way to start a discussion about sustainability.

3] Hiking. We’ve got something for every skill (and motivation) level.

4] First Nations’ culture trek. See art created and inspired by Canada’s founding peoples.

We know it’s also parents’ top priority to keep their kids safe. Quadra Island is a very safe environment, so you can breathe freely. Just be careful around the water – certain currents can be challenging even for the strongest swimmers – and everyone can play to their hearts content in safety and security. Your only concern will be remembering the sunscreen.

This is just a small sampler of ideas. Take a read through some of our other blog posts to discover more opportunities for family adventure. Or better yet, come visit us to see for yourself!

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