Quadra Island Hiking

Lynden mushroomsThere is something delightfully satisfying about fall.   I think perhaps I think this every year, but I must say that this has been a particularly beautiful autumn.  We’ve been blessed with really great weather, and have had some really great opportunities to take advantage of some of Quadra Island’s excellent activities.

We did some mushroom picking.  An hour out in the woods yielded us 9 pounds of delicious Golden Chanterelle mushrooms.

There have also been plenty of hikes just for the sake of being in the forest.  One of our personal favorite hikes is the Heriot Ridge Trail.   The Quadra Island hiking map defines this as a moderate hike.   It leads to some stunning views of Vancouver Island from the west-facing ridge and spectacular views of the Discovery Islands from an east-facing ridge.   The trails are very well marked and there are multiple options that allow you to hike for 2 to 4 hours through forest, and mossy bluffs.   Those mossy bluffs are perfect for picnics!







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