As Christmas Draws Nearer

As Christmas draw nearer, we start thinking about family and spending time together.  The end of the old year also leads to planning the year ahead.  These thoughts lead us to thinking about the importance of family vacations.

Family vacations allow us to take a break from our daily routines and just enjoy each other’s company.  Sharing new experiences strengthens our bonds and creates memories, stories and traditions that last a lifetime or even generation.  Taking time away from our daily concerns and distractions, (like electronics) frees us to connect on a much deeper level, and trying new activities together allows us to learn new things about each other, and ourselves!

Stepping off the treadmill of daily life for a few days or weeks has other tremendous benefits as well.  Lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and better sleep are just a few of the many proven side effects of a vacation.

Planning the family vacation can be a family affair.  Everyone can be involved at some level.  Kids involved in budgeting will learn the importance of saving and understand that vacations don’t just magically happen.  “Old –School” atlases and maps can be pulled out for a lesson in geography.    Choosing activities that appeal the group can be a lesson in democracy.

The beauty of the family vacation is that it doesn’t have to involve travelling halfway around the world, or even out of your hometown, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.   The opportunities are endless, though one thing is certain, there will be countless memories that will live on long after the vacation has ended and you have hopped back on the treadmill, and those memories will sustain you until  you can get away for the next vacation.

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