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Feeling the Olympic Energy

Monday afternoon we headed over to the Big Smoke to watch Milt carry the Olympic flame. It was incredible to see so many people gathered at the Tyee Plaza for this once in a life time event. Despite the cold and the light rain, the energy was spectacular. Peter Judge from the Canadian Freestyle team passed the flame to Milt while the Campbell River fire department brought out all their trucks, turned on the lights and hoisted a Canadian flag over the street. The 350 meter dash turned into a walk as the relay was early. This gave us lots of time to take photos and for Milt to wave at his fans. It was then time for Milt to pass the flame to Steve Nagle who we all then followed into the Tyee Plaza where the whole community was waiting.

The weekend cheering squad was Fei, Sarah, Liz, Jane & Icy Wong, Judi & Dave Korbin and Nicole, Lauren, Austin Chang. A special thanks to the Changs on their 4th visit to Taku since July, they drove up for one night and stayed late until the caldron was lit. Of course the event was followed by a great party with fresh Black Pearl oysters and mussels from Troy. A special thanks to Heather Owen with RBC for giving us this once in a life time opportunity and for taking Rudy out for a run.

Fall Newsletter

Fall LeavesYet another beautiful summer at Taku with long days spent sitting outside enjoying a drink and the view, catching fish, playing tennis, picking berries and exploring. One family came three times throughout the summer. And to all the new comers, welcome to our hidden treasure. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us.

Just when we thought there was no hope of ever catching a tyee, this summer brought in many huge salmon caught just on the other side of Rebecca Spit. Ed Jordan our fishing guide from Sutil Charters helped his guests max out most mornings. Congratulations to you all who came in with some beautiful fish. Check all the photos on Facebook and you’ll see many of our guests happy as a clam with salmon all over 25lbs.

The playground was our big addition this summer. All the kids had so much fun climbing all over the little tug. We received over 40 entries to name that tug. And the name of the new playground is “Toot Toot Taku”, submitted by Calvin Cox. Congratulations Calvin and thank you to everyone who participated. We’d also like to recognize Mary Green who submitted “The Tug Ground”, Olivia with “Clover’s Watch” and Rhonda Warman with “No Chug Tug”.

One of our long time friends David Haughton has given us one of his prints of the beautiful view from the Beach House. It will be hung in the office for everyone to enjoy. He is selling them online and proceeds will be donated to the Quadra Island Hiking Trails. If you have any photos, art work or stories inspired by Taku, we’d love you to share them with us. Email them or post them on our Facebook page. Especially any back to school summer essays.

Great News! This year we are freezing our rates. We know how tough this past year has been for everyone and we want to help you keep doing what you enjoy.

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See you again soon,

Fei, Milt, Lynden, Liz, Sue, Rhonda, Sonia, Buddy and Richard and the rest of the Taku Crew

Every year we like to take the time in the winter to make improvements. Complete the survey and let us know how we can make your next stay more enjoyable.


Name the new playground

“Toot Toot Taku”

Congratulations Calvin Cox for naming the new playground!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a new name for the tug we had some great entries. You can read them all in the comment area below.

Cheers, Taku Crew

We invite everyone to join our naming contest for the new playground.

Lynden found this old tug at a neighbouring property and is now in the process of rebuilding it into a fun playground. You can help him by coming up with a new name and sharing a story to support your entry. Any photos submitted are also welcomed.

The prize will be a boat trip for four people on the TAKU S.E.A. during your next stay. We’ll take you out on a tour of the area and see if we can get some fresh prawns. The boat trip will be weather permitting and can not be exchanged for cash value.

Enter the contest by sending us an email to info@takuresort.com or add your entry into the comments area below. Take a look at all the entries below to get some ideas of what to submit.

We look forward to hearing fun stories about your time at Taku!

The tug almost done. The back of the tug with slide, bars, rope ladder and swing.


Spring Newsletter

Hunting for Easter treats in the garden.

Hunting for Easter treats in the garden.

You know Spring has arrived when we see brilliant green leaves sprouting out everyday also every Easter marks the beginning of our Spring season. This year there were 14 kids hunting the gardens for gifts left by the Easter Bunny and then we all shared delicious hot chocolate together.

New Playground

New Playground - Name this boat

All the kids were also excited to see the building of our new playground. We’re refurbishing an old tug boat and you can help us because the old tug needs a name. Join our Playground Naming Challenge. Send us your entry along with a story and a photo if you have one you want to share. The prize is a boat tour for 4 on the Taku S.E.A (weather permitting). Entries are encouraged from ALL ages. For more details and photos of the new playground visit the New Playground area of our Blog. The winner will be selected on June 1st. Submit your entry below or email us at info@takuresort.com

We pride ourselves on providing you with a resort where you build on relationships with nature, family and friends. In the past months Taku has sprung onto the social networking scene by creating a Facebook and Twitter page. Now you can keep the relationships going by keeping connected with what’s going on at the resort and with new friends you have made, special events and you will be immediately alerted of any last minute discounts. All you need to do is find us on Facebook and add yourself as a Fan or find us on Twitter and start Following us or subscribe to our Blog. Or just check our website on a regular basis.

With Spring in the air, Taku is now donating land for the Quadra Island community garden. A keen group of skilled gardeners are going to start producing their own foods. Taku looks forward to this new relationship and hopes to be able to sample some of their delicious organic veggies. We’re always looking for new ways to green the resort, please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Spring also marks the time when we need to get deposits for your summer vacations. Space is filling up and we encourage you to call us as soon as possible so we can do everything we can to get you your preferred dates and accommodations.


Your Crew at Taku. (Fei, Lynden, Liz, Sue, Rhonda, Sam, Buddy)

Quadra Island

Inspired By Taku…

Over the past twenty five years Taku Resort and Marina continues to be a source of inspiration for many of our clients.

David Haughton who has been one of our very long time guests, comes to Taku every year for two weeks and soaks in the beautiful scenery from the Beach House. He has recently released his paintings inspired by the beautiful views from the resort. I highly recommend that you go to the following link to view all of his collections. http://www.haughton-art.ca/

After every summer, many school children are asked to recount their summer vacations. This essay was submitted by one of our very young guests who has been coming to Taku Resort every summer of his life.

Ever since I was 1 I have been fortunate enough to go to a wonderful paradise called Quadra Island. My uncle owns a resort and 2 boats on the island. To get to the island you have to go on 2 ferries. On the Nanaimo ferry, my cousins and I go to the game room and play Galaga, Star wars, Crazy taxi, and Jurassic Park. We also go to the front of the ferry where the winds are as strong as a hurricane. We play lots of fun games such as tag and cops and robbers. When we dock we have to go back in our cars and get ready to face the long ride ahead. Before we follow the road for three hours, we stop at a bakery and get treats for the journey. First we get sausage rolls and apple strudel. Then my brother and I beg our mom to get cherry cakes, donuts, a slice of Boston cream pie, chocolate rolls, tropical pie, giant pretzels, an Altoids can, and a banana cream pie. After that, we play “Rocket Slime” on the D.S. for three hours when we wait for our van to get us to the food market next to the 2nd ferry.

When we finally arrive at the market, we get supplies for the week that we will be spending on the beautiful Taku Resort. These include: milk, Cheerios, eggs, cheese, bread, lettuce, sausage, peaches, and blueberries. We have to wait in the car for the ferry and sometimes I have to yell at mom for missing it, but most of the time we make it. When we get on the ferry, my cousins and I discuss what we are going to do when we get to Taku. These talks usually include a ride on the Boston Whaler and a game of “Kick the Can”. When we near the end of the voyage we intently watch the island grow bigger by the half- minute. After the 10-minute ride is over we go back to our cars and start the drive to Taku resort.

The Boston Whaler is a speed boat that can go up to 30 miles per hour. My cousins and I love to ride it on semi-choppy days and go flying off the five foot “jump waves” made by the ferry that passes by every 20 minutes. We go fishing every day until we catch at least 2 fish. There are good fishing days and bad ones. Once we caught 17 fish and had to throw them all back. But another time we caught a red snapper, two rock cod, and a ling cod. We had a feast that night.

The Taku Sea is a luxury speeder. It is a cross between a yacht and a Boston Whaler It can go 33 miles per hour but it has a global positioning satellite, leather seats, and a hidden trapdoor that you can look out from the front with. Once the Taku Sea ran out of gas and we had to go and tow it back on the Boston Whaler. Everybody was singing “Hurrah for the Cell Phone!” It was stupendously funny. The usual reason why we go on the Taku Sea is to get the shrimp traps. One time we caught a live sand dollar and another, a seven- armed sea star. The reason we don’t get shrimp traps with the Boston Whaler is that the Taku Sea has a special mechanical shrimp pulley to pull up the traps.

Kick the can is my favorite Quadra game (I usually win). I always like to climb up on the tennis court wall and jump down to “kick the can and free the bunch”. When the searcher is tall I like to go to the bushy area where my cousins and I have a base with distracting stones and portable camouflage (big leaves and ferns that we use to hide ourselves. There is a place where a pitch black shadow hides you from prying eyes in the top left corner of the tennis court. And a mini wall that acts as a checkpoint when trying to kick the can.
Quadra is my favorite place to be. Even if I was born there I would think it was special. I can’t stand to see the beautiful paradise fade away as the ferry honks its horn almost as if saying goodbye.