Milt is carrying the Olympic Flame

Milt Wong, owner of Taku, was asked to carry the Olympic flame Nov. 2nd. He has been training for his 350m run and even took a 4 day trip to Beijing last week to get inspired. He has trained so hard that the very white track suit is too big, we may have to take it to Modernize Tailors to get it taken in.

To celebrate we’re offering a $20.10 nightly discount on Nov. 1st and 2nd 2009.

If you are in Campbell River enjoying the festivities Milt’s approximate time of running is 5:53 PM. Look for his torchbearer number on the route marker at the start of his relay segment, OTR004-173.

For those of you who can’t come to cheer him on, check back next week after I post photos of this exciting event.

Fall Newsletter

Fall LeavesYet another beautiful summer at Taku with long days spent sitting outside enjoying a drink and the view, catching fish, playing tennis, picking berries and exploring. One family came three times throughout the summer. And to all the new comers, welcome to our hidden treasure. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us.

Just when we thought there was no hope of ever catching a tyee, this summer brought in many huge salmon caught just on the other side of Rebecca Spit. Ed Jordan our fishing guide from Sutil Charters helped his guests max out most mornings. Congratulations to you all who came in with some beautiful fish. Check all the photos on Facebook and you’ll see many of our guests happy as a clam with salmon all over 25lbs.

The playground was our big addition this summer. All the kids had so much fun climbing all over the little tug. We received over 40 entries to name that tug. And the name of the new playground is “Toot Toot Taku”, submitted by Calvin Cox. Congratulations Calvin and thank you to everyone who participated. We’d also like to recognize Mary Green who submitted “The Tug Ground”, Olivia with “Clover’s Watch” and Rhonda Warman with “No Chug Tug”.

One of our long time friends David Haughton has given us one of his prints of the beautiful view from the Beach House. It will be hung in the office for everyone to enjoy. He is selling them online and proceeds will be donated to the Quadra Island Hiking Trails. If you have any photos, art work or stories inspired by Taku, we’d love you to share them with us. Email them or post them on our Facebook page. Especially any back to school summer essays.

Great News! This year we are freezing our rates. We know how tough this past year has been for everyone and we want to help you keep doing what you enjoy.

Keep in touch and you’ll be the first to hear about our exclusive specials throughout the year. Be our fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our Blog. Leave us a review in the comment area below, on Facebook or Twitter and fill out the customer survey at the link below. As always, the fall season brings you many good discounts so stay tuned.

See you again soon,

Fei, Milt, Lynden, Liz, Sue, Rhonda, Sonia, Buddy and Richard and the rest of the Taku Crew

Every year we like to take the time in the winter to make improvements. Complete the survey and let us know how we can make your next stay more enjoyable.


Name the new playground

“Toot Toot Taku”

Congratulations Calvin Cox for naming the new playground!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a new name for the tug we had some great entries. You can read them all in the comment area below.

Cheers, Taku Crew

We invite everyone to join our naming contest for the new playground.

Lynden found this old tug at a neighbouring property and is now in the process of rebuilding it into a fun playground. You can help him by coming up with a new name and sharing a story to support your entry. Any photos submitted are also welcomed.

The prize will be a boat trip for four people on the TAKU S.E.A. during your next stay. We’ll take you out on a tour of the area and see if we can get some fresh prawns. The boat trip will be weather permitting and can not be exchanged for cash value.

Enter the contest by sending us an email to or add your entry into the comments area below. Take a look at all the entries below to get some ideas of what to submit.

We look forward to hearing fun stories about your time at Taku!

The tug almost done. The back of the tug with slide, bars, rope ladder and swing.


Spring Newsletter

Hunting for Easter treats in the garden.

Hunting for Easter treats in the garden.

You know Spring has arrived when we see brilliant green leaves sprouting out everyday also every Easter marks the beginning of our Spring season. This year there were 14 kids hunting the gardens for gifts left by the Easter Bunny and then we all shared delicious hot chocolate together.

New Playground

New Playground - Name this boat

All the kids were also excited to see the building of our new playground. We’re refurbishing an old tug boat and you can help us because the old tug needs a name. Join our Playground Naming Challenge. Send us your entry along with a story and a photo if you have one you want to share. The prize is a boat tour for 4 on the Taku S.E.A (weather permitting). Entries are encouraged from ALL ages. For more details and photos of the new playground visit the New Playground area of our Blog. The winner will be selected on June 1st. Submit your entry below or email us at

We pride ourselves on providing you with a resort where you build on relationships with nature, family and friends. In the past months Taku has sprung onto the social networking scene by creating a Facebook and Twitter page. Now you can keep the relationships going by keeping connected with what’s going on at the resort and with new friends you have made, special events and you will be immediately alerted of any last minute discounts. All you need to do is find us on Facebook and add yourself as a Fan or find us on Twitter and start Following us or subscribe to our Blog. Or just check our website on a regular basis.

With Spring in the air, Taku is now donating land for the Quadra Island community garden. A keen group of skilled gardeners are going to start producing their own foods. Taku looks forward to this new relationship and hopes to be able to sample some of their delicious organic veggies. We’re always looking for new ways to green the resort, please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Spring also marks the time when we need to get deposits for your summer vacations. Space is filling up and we encourage you to call us as soon as possible so we can do everything we can to get you your preferred dates and accommodations.


Your Crew at Taku. (Fei, Lynden, Liz, Sue, Rhonda, Sam, Buddy)

Fei & Milt get a dog

Many of our guests in the past year, have heard a lot of barking going on. This is Fei and Milt Wong’s new puppy Rudy, a happy and sometimes naughty Portugese water dog.

The Wongs have never had a dog before and everyone is very shocked to hear they got one. Fei wanted a dog after all their girls moved out of the house but Milt has never been keen on them and said he’d wanted another child over a dog. Another child for Fei was not an option so a new dog never came.

Shady at Thanksgiving '94

Shady at Thanksgiving '94

Over the years, Taku has been home to many dogs, Bear (black lab), Sheeba (German Shepherd) and Shady (golden/black lab). Milt never enjoyed having these dogs around and always shooed them away despite his wife and kids always playing with them. But we knew he turned a corner when he secretly left a bowl of milk

Jericho's favourite holiday spot was Taku Resort.

Jericho's favourite holiday spot was Taku Resort.

outside for Shady. This bowl of milk also shows how little he knew about dogs. Then Shelagh and Brad brought Jericho (German Shepherd/Chow) into their lives and turned it all around. Fei and Milt became regular babysitters for Jericho who loved spending holidays at Taku. They even started borrowing Jericho on the weekends and Fei based a new car purchase on the fact that Jericho needed more trunk space. Clearly they needed their own dog. Enter Rowdy Rudy…