Quadra Island Salmon Fishing Experience

Many a wise salmon fisherman (and fisherwoman) speaks of the legendary days of angling in the waters around Quadra Island and off nearby Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Some of the most enormous salmon ever to grace a West Coast fishing boat have been caught near Quadra. For a good long time, the area was known as the “Salmon Capital of the World.”

As in so many places, the fish stocks aren’t hitting quite the same peaks as in the most bountiful days, but careful management of the fisheries keeps much of the fishing glory alive today, and the coastal waters still teem with salmon. We’ll be happy to recommend a charter fishing expedition so you can be sure you’re heading straight out to the best catches.

You can also head out on your own with a big chance of success. Anglers have great luck at Quathiaski Cove, near the dock for the Quadra—Campbell River ferry. There’s also action off Cape Mudge, Copper Bluffs and April Point, and near Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park, which offers a public boat ramp. There’s also wonderful inland freshwater fishing on Quadra at Village Bay, Mine Lake and Main Lake.

Some people load up their fishing gear simply for the love of sport or the prospect of a delicious meal of salmon. Some fishermen also have a deep respect and admiration for the sleek salmon and their BC habitat. Those who are interested can make a free visit in July and August to the Quadra Salmon Eco-Centre to learn more about salmon and salmon watersheds. You can also find information on the best ways to protect salmon for future generations. Kids love the hands-on activities and daily fish feeding.

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Taku Resort is a Home Base for Hiking

Quadra Island is home to more than 200 km of hiking trails, and the network continues to expand. There’s trails for everyone, from the most leisurely stroller to the committed hiking enthusiast. Volunteers from the island carefully tend to the trails, so they’re in wonderful condition for all.
You can explore the shorelines, plunge into the peaceful forest, or wake up your calves with a trek up the Chinese Mountains or to the summit of Mount Seymour. When you reach the high points, you’ll have earned the unforgettable views across the Discovery Islands and on to the Coast Mountains and Vancouver Island.

Our favourite is a trip along the old logging routes and forest trails to see the giant trees around Stamberg Lake in Main Lake Provincial Park. You can have your lunch at the base of a Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar, some of which are up to 5.5 meters (16 feet) around!

Hikers always love the trip along the Cape Mudge shoreline to check out the 100-year-old Cape Mudge lighthouse. You need to be extra careful on this trip, though, because weather and tide conditions can make the journey tricky. If you’re in the mood for some serene and beautiful inland water, there are great hikes to Morte Lake, Nugedzi Lake and Newton Lake.

There are a lot more trails than we can mention here, and you’re never far away from one when you stay at Taku Resort. You’ll just have to come see them for yourself.
We’ve got a proposal for the most ambitious hikers. Wouldn’t it be a great challenge to hike all 200 km of trails? It might take a few trips, but you’ll get to know the island so well that you’ll feel like it’s part of you.

Pick up a Quadra Island hiking trails map published by the Quadra Island Trails Committee, and you’ll be good to go!

Spring Newsletter 2012

We are welcoming the Spring time with arms outstretched and eagerly awaiting the summer fun. The winter time is a different type of busy than summer time but trust me, we were busy.

Now that it’s Spring, Taku has a stream of groups coming in. In the next month we have the SuperChefs putting on another amazing weekend camp. This time, the camp is taking a group of children from the northern coastal BC aboriginal communities and teaching them about healthy food and how to make it. The other returning groups are the Cowichan Outdoor Club, the Nanaimo Tuesday Hikers and the Ripple Rock Power Squadron.

We’ve also had our first wedding of the season last weekend. Congratulations to Mike and Kelly!

The summer bookings are starting to fill up so be sure to contact us soon to make sure you get the dates you want. We look forward to having everyone back and can’t wait to see what wonderful times come ahead.

Stormy Events

At the end of March, the resort was hit very hard from a south easterly wind storm. By far the strongest winds we have seen, clocked at 130km/hr. The Tree House Suite and the whole Terrace building were spared by the three 100ft firs that fell. Lynden was monitoring the scene over the two days and saw the root systems of these enormous trees lifting out of the ground. He evacuated all the buildings and all valuables from the office.
One of the trees narrowly skimmed the roof and fell right in front of the office. We lost power and phones for five days as the three fallen trees had taken down many power lines. In the light of the blue skies and sun the next day, you could see the carnage left behind from the storm. The dock was broken in four pieces and one finger drifted to Open Bay. Three more trees had to be taken down as their trunks were split and the ground was lifting underneath. After finally getting the resort cleaned up and back-up and running, Lynden had a very well deserved holiday in Mexico.

Gourmet Culinary Courses

The next set of courses has just been announced. Two courses are being offered on July 6th and 12th. Learn the basics of chopping an onion to gourmet desserts with sugar work. These three day courses offer hands on teaching methods where students create delicious gourmet meals. Chef Benedict and Chef Maynard have returned to Taku all the way from their Walnut Grove Cookery in France. Further details are listed on our website. Deadline to sign up is May 18th, 2012.
Find out more information here.

Farewell Milt

On December 31st 2011, the creator of our wonderful resort Milton Wong passed away. In 1983, he brought the family and a few friends to look at possibly buying the property and he fell in love. It’s hard to say if it was the natural beauty of the trees or the large kitchen that drew him most. He said that the resort and his new home were his most proud creative achievements.

He was always so welcoming to everyone that came to the resort and he made many wonderful friends during his evening walks greeting everyone with his big smile. We miss him dearly and are dedicated to keeping the resort to his vision of giving family and friends a place to go where they could have adventures, laughter and good food together.

There will be a celebration of life here in honour of Milt this summer. The date has been changed from June 2nd to the summer time. We would be honoured to have you join us. If you are interested in finding out the details once they are finalized, please email us.



Fei, Lynden, Liz, Sue, Rhonda,
and the rest of the Taku Crew

Fall/Winter Newsletter

Despite all the rain that came down earlier in the summer, we still managed to have a fantastic season. Some of you were lucky enough to see the pod of killer whales that came into the harbour and others enjoyed watching the deer beachcomb.

As always, it was great to meet so many new people and to catch-up with the long time friends.

TripAdvisor Winner

As we announced in our Spring newsletter, we ran a contest for anyone who wrote up a review for Taku on TripAdvisor. Congratulations to Heather Johnston, you have won $100 towards your next stay. Thank you to everyone who gave readers an honest opinion on what they can expect when they come to Taku. Just because the contest is over, doesn’t mean that it’s too late to write a review. We would love it if you could take a few minutes to go onto TripAdvisor and write your opinion on your past stay at Taku.

Gourmet Culinary Courses

This summer we launched ourselves into a new direction. Cooking and using all of the delicious food around us has always been an important part of Taku from group meals at the Stone house, making apple pies to picking berries. On August 8th Chefs Maynard and Benedict came all the way from their own Walnut Grove cookery in France to put on an amazing three day course. Eight guests learned everything from basic knife skills, seasoning, filleting a chicken and a whole salmon to making beautiful desserts.
It was such and incredible time, Chef Benedict came back and put on another course on November 18th. This time six people flew from Vancouver in time for a gourmet Welcome Dinner Friday night and then Saturday was a full day of cooking covering a lot of culinary skills from the three day course but it was condensed. On Sunday morning they got to try their hand at desserts and then completed a Taku Challenge. All the students had to take the ingredients provided and create their own dish. They managed to learn some lasting skills and created a delicious lunch.
3rd Night Free
Winter is creeping up on us quickly. We’ve already had snow on the ground that lasted for days. Experiencing Taku in the winter should not be missed. You can take advantage of our 3rd night free special that is on until December 20th and we are sure to announce a new special in the new year.

Every year there are those who aren’t able to get the dates they want. Be sure to take some time over the holidays to start organizing your next trip to Taku with your family and friends.


Fei, Milt, Lynden, Liz, Sue, Rhonda,
and the rest of the Taku Crew