Weekend Cooking Classes

Our recipe for Unique Coastal Culinary Experiences combines:

The Pacific North West has long been a hub of exceptional chefs.  Our weekend culinary retreats provide rare opportunities to get to know these phenomenal chefs, getting personal instruction in an intimate setting.

Each course features delicious locally sourced ingredients from Quadra Island and other British Columbia communities.

When you step in to the impressive and modern home-style kitchen you can feel the culinary passions of Milton and Fei Wong when they built their dream abode.  Designed to have the whole family cooking together, this kitchen has become an ideal for our intimate culinary courses – we offer hands-on classes for a maximum of 8 people.

Not only are you immersed in the culinary arts but you are also immersed in the natural beauty of Quadra Island as you overlook the ocean and Coast mountain range while you cook!

All of these ingredients will give you a chance to soak in all that the Pacific North West, and our beautiful Quadra Island has to offer from amazing chefs, delicious food and spectacular scenery.  Our courses are great for anyone with an interest in food experienced from novice to the more seasoned.

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