Quadra Island Resort Map

Fun Things to Do

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Many of our guests get caught up in the resort’s relaxing atmosphere and spend their days lounging in the blissful silence. For all other guests, Taku and the rest of Quadra Island serve up a veritable buffet of fantastic activity choices.

On-site, you’ll find a beautiful tennis court shaded by towering trees and surrounded by gorgeously-landscaped gardens. A basketball hoop lets you work on your jump shot and the bocce ball court allows anyone to try out this fun and addictive game.

Bike, canoe, stand-up paddle baord and kayak rentals available if you are looking for a unique way to tour the island. Our on-site hot tub provides the perfect way to unwind after a day of fun, active or otherwise.

For rainy days, our Games Room features a foosball table and more board games. Off season brings the beauty of Quadra Island storm watching and a peaceful BC escape in our oceanfront cabins.

There is a natural tidal pool that gives kids an up-close look at some of the fascinating marine life found around Quadra. And the Quadra Island fishing cannot be beat!

Hiking is the #1 activity on the Island. It is criss-crossed with well marked trails that offer great hikes at a number of difficulty levels. Coastal waters teem with salmon, offering the chance for anglers to experience the thrill of West Coast sports fishing. Local outfitters provide fishing and kayaking tours and bike rentals on site.

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