Green Steps

In order to preserve the beauty that the environment provides us on Quadra, we take many steps to ensure we do our part.

Each suite has a bin for recycling as you probably do at home.  Quadra itself doesn’t have a recycling program but our staff ensures that the recycling is brought to our local recycling depots on Quadra and in Campbell River.

We ask that our guests help conserve the number of towels used.  By simply hanging up your towel to dry we’ve eliminated the need for daily housekeeping.

All sinks, toilets and shower heads are all low flow which is important as we rely on well water which in some summers, isn’t readily available.

All of our cleaning products are environmentally responsible and safe for our waters.

Our Maina is “Clean Marine” Certified.

In our in suite books, please take a look at the section on how we can respect the rules and regulations of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  Though the oysters on the beach may look tasty, you require a license to harvest all shellfish and fish.